Strong Leadership – Lessons learned from India’s success in Cricket

Kindly read this interesting article about the motivation and leadership which helped Team India to win the World Cup in the cricket game played by 12 different countries:

My thoughts:

Kapil won the world cup in 1983. But reading the news in the media after the world cup (as we started grow), there was no unity and everyone wanted to be a super hero – which made us all fail. It was the time where the advertisement money contributed to the individuals to be the super star.

 Saurav Ganguly is the best Indian captain who laid the foundation and acted like a corporate leader. Thanks to Dalmiya who listened to the captain in grooming the youngsters like Yuvraj, Harbhajan, Zaheer and also contributed the corporate marketing of Cricket.

 Reading the newspapers in 2011, the team found a real goal to win the world cup instead of just a pride to show they are number one – they attributed it to Sachin Tendulkar, the person almost everyone in the Cricket playing countries like. This will also play in the minds of other teams as Sachin is a nice person and a great ambassador of the game. The Indian team has a real and not a vague goal to go after, which made them achieve.

Even in our own life, when you are thinking about purchasing a house until you narrow down what you want, you will not be buying it anytime soon or even if you purchased a house, you will not find happiness in their as it is not your dream house to live.

 Finally as they mention it in all the newspapers, Dhoni- the captain of the Indian Cricket team – took a calculated risk which paid off in yesterday’s final match with the little luck in his favor which was not working while playing against South Africa in the group matches.

 There is a lot in these games for us the Team Leaders, Managers, Directors, VPs, CxOs — Cricket world cup win, NFL super bowl, Red Sox win after so many years– they all have one strong goal to get them.

Now go, identify, set and motivate your team to achive that one stronger goal.

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In My Old Software

  Successful EMR/PM Implementation — Part II

 In the part-I, we went through the important items needed for sending the claims out clean from the new software so that the Practice is not heading towards the BANKRUPTCY.

 Let’s go over the effective and efficient ways to manage the Practice in this post or in other words, the most common phrase heard from the practices who implement new EMR/PM Software – In My Old Software, I can do this, that……

Collect the important reports – both clinical and financial – which you (the provider) or the biller or the office manager runs daily in the current software. If you just want the reports in the same format without compromising the look and feel of it, then you better put it across the table with the new software vendor before signing the contract. This is where most of the Practice Managers start hating the new software. 

If the new software vendor does not have these reports or in a format which your practice is not used to, then see if you can manage your practice with the reports they have.

Also there are software vendors who give reports to achieve the Meaningful USE as requested by CMS. But try to find other reports which will give the true meaningful use of maximizing your revenue. I will cover the important reports for this in another post.

Wait its not completed yet, since there are more than 400 hundred EMR/PM vendors, choose the one who can

  • fit in your budget,
  • your staff’s learning curve,
  • your staff’s patience level in getting help,

And also ask them to get you their top 20 support issues from EMR/PM or the other products you intend to buy from them.

See you all in my next post.

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Successful EMR/PM Implementation

While deciding the EMR/PM or the EHR software, traditionally, almost 90% of the Providers (aka Doctors or Physicians) do not think about the acceptance of the new software by their Billers. 97% of the Providers do not even involve their Medical Billers in the decision making process.

Common Myths about the latest EHR softwares:

The new and the latest EHR softwares- with the voice recognition, automated jobs, pick lists- enables the Providers to see more patients on given business day. Only after 4 months of implementation, they will realize that they need money to run their practice. Its too late to firefight and fix the issues to get paid for the claims sent out.

The latest softwares are user friendly, I do not need an experienced biller – Most of the Small practices end up in this category with either their spouse or parent helping them in this. With the Meaningful Use, the auditing of the CPTs or ICDs will not be far to catch these providers who has to explain the officials about the coding knowledge of the individuals.

What should we do?

Just like the provider has a checklist about the EMR to be purchased, have the biller create a checklist with the Must haves, flexible and deal breakers in the new software for their PM (Practice Management).

Most of the Billers are used to the DOS based system where they just hit the keyboard keys to get their everyday work completed. They tend to hate the windows based (mouse oriented) software.

Also create a work-sheet of all the details of the Providers like

a) NPI numbers – Individual and Organizational

b) Tax IDs

c) details of the Facilities where the providers sees patients

d) The address as in file of all the major payors

e) Specific payor related problems faced during the implementation of their old software, if migrating from an old software to the new.

f) Write-up of their current workflow. This will help the biller to get the appropriate training from the new software vendor.

g) Choose the clearinghouse which will provide them the best support if there is any claim rejection or help them in the EDI enrollment.

Above all, the provider must give additional resource for the Billers to learn the new software. The main reason for this is that when the new EMR/PM system is implemented, the Provider just starts from the new software  whereas the biller cannot do the same. They still have to work with their old software in getting the money for the claims submitted using that software. Parallel to that, they still have to learn and start billing out of the new software.

Providers think. Software Vendors think …… Before you ACT

Will come up with something more in the next post soon.

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